Village Guard from Temi Namphing Constituency, paid a courtesy visit to the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Industry

By January 13, 2023News
Under the ‘One Family One Job’ scheme of the State government, the team members of Village Guard from Temi Namphing Constituency, paid a courtesy visit to the Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Industry, IPR Department cum Area MLA Shriman Bedu Singh Panth Ji at his residence in Sichey Gangtok, this morning.
During their meet, they wished the Hon’ble Area MLA Shriman Bedu Singh Panth ji, to greet the New Year with endeavour success for the welfare and betterment of the constituency.
While interacting, they’ve enquired about the various issues related to their concerned problems and demands in the forthcoming days. He stated that we are all branches to work for the service of the State government thus we should collectively work sincerely, diligently, and selflessly for the betterment of the State. He urged entire government workers to act as one family and support every individual at every need. He then, assured to support their issues to understand for their continuous convenience towards the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shriman Prem Singh Tamnag-Golay ji.
Thereafter, the team members led by Panchayat, Smt Hema Devi, a resident of Middle Namphing along with Miss Kaushila Bhujel and supporters meet the Hon’ble Area MLA, during they’ve also extended for his wellbeing and also discussed various issues related to the development of their concerned ward of the area.
Similarly, the hard-core supporters of the SDF party joined the SKM party in the presence of Hon’ble Area MLA, Shriman Bedu Singh Panth. Thereupon, Hon’ble Area MLA, while esteem with the new joiners, were regarding the terms of development in stimulated times by the SKM government, and their ideology and vision towards making a fruitful outcome were the main highlights for the benefit of the overall constituency.
The name of the new joiners are as follows:
1. Mr Hari Prasad Sharma (Ashok)
2. Mr Sancharaj Limboo.
In the end, Hon’ble Minister Shriman Panth, has warmly welcomed all new members with open arms and respect for the betterment of round-up development in the Constituency.
Report: Karma Sonam Lepcha

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